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FleetPC-3 module CAN-BUS, Digital I/O, SRAM (PCI 104)

FleetPC-3 module CAN-BUS, Digital I/O, SRAM (PCI 104)
  • CAN Bus !
  • 12 channel I/O !

CAN-BUS PCI-104 controller card for FleetPC-3 (not -B !).


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  PCI104 digital I/O, SRAM disk & CAN bus module
PCB 4-layer PCB
Bus interface PCI 104, PCI 2.0 compliant
Controller FPGA & Standalone CAN controller
SRAM disk - 2 x 512KB low power SRAM
- 1M Byte as one bank
- Battery backup by optional module
- Battery power consumption: less than 15uA
- Operation modes:
A. Memory Mode
i. Independent mode
ii. Replicate mode
B. Disk Mode (is only supported in Linux)
C. Mode selection through Jumper (factory default disk mode)
Digital Input - 12 channels
- Internal pull up
- Programmable de-bounce time (0 ms to 255ms, 1 ms resolution). True after X ms of constant state.
- Support Change of State interrupt
- 5000Vrms optical isolation
- Response time: 20uS (without de-bounce)
- Rising trigger or falling trigger
- Suggested maximum input frequency 10KHz( duty = 50% ).
- Signal input :
A. Open/Ground switch input
B. Digital Logic
i. Logic High: 3V to 28V
ii. Logic Low: 0V to 1.5V
Digital Output - 12 channels
- Output Type: Open drain MOSFET driver
- Output voltage range: 5V to 30V
- Sink Current: maximum 500mA each channel
- Power on initial state: MOSFET off
- Support pulse generator :
A. Programmable cycle time, duty cycle and number of cycles. User defines on and off periods (maximum 8-bit for on and off period value).
B. Maximum 65535 cycles
C. RUN & STOP command
D. Resolution: 1 ms, 100ms and 1 second
Timer - 12 x independent 16-bit timers
- Support Time Out Interrupt
- Resolution: 1 ms and 100ms second(Resolution: 1ms, and 100ms)
Counter - 12 x independent 16-bit counters
- Connect to all digital inputs
- Operation Mode:
a. Count to number interrupt.
b. Read and clear
c. Read on the fly
d. Auto stop counting after programmable constant state interval(Interrupt active after programmable constant state interval Resolution: 1ms, and 100ms)
e. Count over to target interrupt.
CAN bus - Connect to FPGA SPI bus
- 1 x CAN bus
- 2KV isolation
- CAN 2.0B Active protocol
- Controller: Microchip MCP2515(Industrial grade -40 to 85'C)
- Transceiver: Micro chip MCP2551(Industrial grade -40 to 85'C)
[Other Transceiver manufacturers: Philips, TI, Maxim, ST, Infineon, Atmel]
- 2 pin JST connector(2 pin JST 2.0mm connector )
- Programmable baud rate: from 5K bps Maximum 1M bps or user-defined baud rate
- Time stamp of CAN message
- API library for user development
- CAN bus device status query
Power input From PCI 104
Maximum card Maximum 2 cards can be stacked up in one system
Jumper - INT# & ID select. Please see Appendix.
- SRAM chip capacity select (Used for when auto detection doesn't work only)
Digital I/O connector - 44 pin 2.0 mm pitch 180 degree with box
- Pin Assignment: Appendix 3(Pin assignment modify)
Software - Windows XP, XPe and Linux device driver and API
- Windows XP, XPe and Linux demo program
- User interface for DIO, SRAM and CAN bus in Linux and Windows XP embedded
Dimensions 90.17 x 95.89mm (3.55"x3.775")
Operating temperature -20oC to 70oC (-1~158oF) without air flow
Storage temperature -20~85oC (-4~185oF)
Relative Humidity 0 to 90% @ 40°C, non-condensing (95% @ 40°C, Non-Condensing by request)
Scope of supply  
1x PCI 104 Controller card
1x 150mm Digital I/O cable
1x 150mm 2-wire cable for CAN bus
Data sheet Download (PDF)
Data sheet Print view
Technical Notes Download (PDF)
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